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CCADC Charter

The California Center for Amphibian Disease Control (CCADC) is dedicated to the principle that long-term successful conservation efforts are the result of a combination of:

  1. Public outreach and education of the general public.
  2. Collaboration between, and education of, wildlife professionals.

Amphibian diseases are not merely an interesting and proprietary topic of study for scientists, they are a causal factor in losing our global and local amphibian biodiversity and thus are of concern to everyone.

CCADC Objectives

1. To collate and maintain a central GIS database of amphibian disease occurrences in California.

2. To identify potential geographic hot spots of disease occurrences to assist in management and conservation efforts and form an early warning system.

3. To provide standardized sampling, collection and testing methods for amphibian disease.

4. To provide wildlife and wetland professionals with knowledge before they begin field work, as to whether or not a disease has been previously reported at the sites of interest.

Something For Everyone

The CCADC web site is designed to be an educational tool for the professional and non-professional alike, to acquaint them with amphibian disease issues and to help minimize the spread of Amphibian Chytridiomycosis and other diseases in the field.

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