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Using Data from CCADC

This website is intended to collate information on disease occurrences. Currently most of the data available pertains to Bd. The data submitted do not belong to CCADC but belong to the researchers who generously share their findings for the greater good. Many of these researchers are in the process of publishing their findings in formal papers. We therefore need to protect their work and their data by enforcing strict policies regarding the use of data available on this website.

In all cases, permission is required from the researchers donating their data!

Restrictions on Use:

  1. Data available on CCADC is intended for personal, academic, professional and other educational purposes and can not be used for any commercial purposes.
  2. Geographic and taxonomic data on Bd occurrences ("BDOs") available on CCADC can not be used for publication or analytical purposes without the strict written permission of BOTH CCADC and the source(s) supplying the occurrence data.
  3. Data available on CCADC may not be used in other web applications without specific permission.
  4. CCADC must be cited in all copies (see citation format below).
  5. If permission is granted to use data regarding one or more BDO, the source of the information (i.e. researcher) must be cited.
  6. Some files may be downloaded and altered in format, however the information should still be referenced using the citation as formatted below or as directed on the web page if the information or document was contributed by another entity or individual.
  7. Users may not download multiple images or large amounts of data (including text, photos, videos and maps) from CCADC without permission. It is not in our interest or that of our contributors to have uncontrolled subsets of these holdings available elsewhere on the Internet. We make corrections, add text, add data points, add images, and update information on a continual basis, and we want the most current information to be the only one generally available to all Internet users.
  8. Images taken from CCADC may only be used in accordance with the usage guidelines provided with the image and the photographer must be clearly credited with the image; for more information click here.
For questions about use, please contact CCADC. Citation: CCADC: Information on amphibian chytridiomycosis and disease occurrences in California amphibians. [web application]. 2007.


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